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Your home might be your castle, but castles can be a lot of work!

Enjoy your home again by letting us relieve the burden of never ending lawn care and outdoor maintenance. We’re also a licensed home improvement contractor, so we can help with a variety of situations that could easily get out of control. Let us make your life easier!

G2 Properties LLC

Our Services

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Yard Maintenance & Cleanup

Four season yard care! We handle spring & fall mulching and cleaning, summer mowing and winter snow removal.

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Home Improvement

We’re licensed home improvement contractors and can help with both indoor and outdoor needs. Fully insured and ready to get started!

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Home & Apartment Rentals

We have several rental properties primarily in Salem County NJ. Call to discuss.  NOTE – CURRENTLY THERE ARE NO AVAILABLE RENTAL PROPERTIES
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Home Improvement

Seasonal cleaning

Spring/Fall Cleanup

We offer mulching services



Gutter Cleaning

We offer free estimates

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About G2 Properties LLC

We know how much you’ve invested in your property and our goal is to help you keep it in the best condition possible.

As licensed and insured home improvement contractors, we look forward to helping you both inside and outside your home.

Whether keeping your grass trimmed and neat, mulching the flowerbeds, cleaning out the dreaded gutters or fixing the siding after that last bad storm, we’re here to help.

We’re headquartered in Salem County, New Jersey.

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Our Work

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From Our Clients

“I was just sick and tired of all the work we had to do week after week just to keep the small patch of grass and shrubs in front of our place looking nice. The guys from G2 have made my life so much easier – thanks guys!”

Melvin T.

“We didn’t realize our gutters were totally clogged, so we ended up with water wrecking the wood under our siding. Of course we found out about this problem after the drywall inside the house was soaked after a rain. G2 Properties took care of the gutters, replaced the rotting wood and fixed our drywall inside. Thank you G2!”

Mattie Q.

“I just had a baby and my hubby is working super long days, so we were getting nasty letters from the homeowners association all the time. We handing our mowing headaches over to G2 and we just can’t be happier.”

Nicky V.

G2 Properties LLC

G2 Properties LLC

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